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Letter to students from Ken

New and returning students,

Having recently returned to America this spring, I’m having bitter-sweet feelings about having left Japan and all of my students. I had gotten to know them very well over the 4 years that I taught in Nagoya. Sometimes we met for drinks in Sakae after class or went window shopping at Midland Square. One of my students even took me for a ride on his motorcycle.

Although I taught in Tokyo, I met most of my closest students after settling down in Nagoya. I found teaching private lessons as fulfilling as my 3+ years working for ECC. I have fond memories of ECC, my fellow teachers, and especially the students that I had the pleasure to get to know over the years. I liked learning about the Onsens in Mie, the maiko
芸者 in Kyoto and the Chunichi Dragons!

Before living in Japan I enjoyed a 10+ year career working in Hollywood, California as a publicist and producer for television. My first job was at
Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Cincinnati. My major was Television Production. But it wasn’t until I became an English teacher that I realized how rewarding it is to be able to speak a common language with friends from around the world and really get to know each other.

Now I’m thrilled to combine both my passion for teaching and my interest in video and internet technologies to bring you SeeYouSpeak®. Using the transformative power of the internet SeeYouSpeak® promises to bring us together to communicate and share our culture, interests, and passions in a way never before possible.

Best wishes to you as you set out to improve and use the English language.

Ken Estep,