Learn English with video-web lessons!

I just reserved my FREE trial lesson. What do I do now? On the day and time of your lesson simply turn on Skype and your teacher will call you.

Do I need a super fast internet connection and expensive computer?
No, but please visit the Skype website to see the computer and internet speed requirements. Go ahead and download the free Skype software and test with a friend or family member. Once you’ve got it set up, reserve your trial lesson! Don’t forget a headset and web-camera for video.

Is PayPal safe? It’s very safe and your credit information will not be seen by a third party, including SeeYouSpeak. Your transaction is confidential between you and PayPal. PayPal offers 100% protection from unauthorized payments. For more information please visit “PayPal.”

How can I pay? We accept JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bank card, and of course PayPal itself.

How many students are in each lesson? All lessons are One-on-One. Your teacher and you will work together each and every lesson.

Why do I have to book at least (1) lesson a week? It’s the minimum amount of time needed to either maintain or improve a student’s skills.

Can I book more than (1) lesson per week? Yes, absolutely.

What if there’s an internet problem and we can’t meet for a lesson? Internet systems occasionally go down. If the lesson isn’t able to start then you will be allowed to reschedule and will NOT be charged for that lesson. If the lesson only has a few more minutes then your teacher will add time to the end of your next lesson to make up the difference.

Do I need a headset? Can’t I just use my computers speakers and microphone? Headsets with microphones are the best. You can find a good pair for about $25.00.

What level student am I? Which book level should I choose? Your level will be determined by a set of questions from your teacher during the trial lesson. After the trial lesson you’ll be told which book to choose. Don’t worry, the trial lesson is totally fun and won’t feel like a test.

I purchased a Lessons Package, now what do I do? You will receive a confirmation email and the lessons will be added to your membership account. Simply login to the Reserve Lessons and start making reservations.

Do you offer Refunds? Yes. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of your lesson(s) or with the SeeYouSpeak service a refund will be given for any unused lessons in your membership. Should you choose to leave, we will try to assist you in finding a more suitable school or instructor. We are committed to your English education.

Questions? 1 (424) 704-5295 USA (50) 5809-9295 Japan