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Santa Monica, California. July 2008

Favorite movies: Notting Hill, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Murder on the Orient Express.

Favorite Books: Agatha Christie, Victor Hugo, Harry Potter.

Favorite Music: Michael Buble, U2, Eva Cassidy, Jane Monheit.

Favorite Hobbies: Movies, music, books, snow skiing, scuba diving, biking, walks on the beach.

Countries I've visited: Canada, Mexico, Peru, UK, France, Thailand, Japan.

Countries I want to visit: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji islands, China, Spain, Denmark.


Teaching experience:
ECC - 4 years teaching English in Nagoya, Japan.

Past experience:
Before living in Japan I enjoyed a 10+ year career working in Hollywood, California as a publicist and producer for television. My first job was at
Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Cincinnati. My major was Television Production.

English - native language
Spanish - beginner
Japanese - super beginner

Lives in:
Los Angeles, California

(424) 704-5295 U.S.A.
(50) 5809-9295 Japan